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Coleophora pappiferella

Coleophora pappiferella Hofmann, 1869

burren case-bearer

on Antennaria, etc.

Coleophora pappiferella: case

case (from Patzak, 1974a)


The larva feeds on the fruits, living among the pappus, in a 6.5 mm long, dark brown, trivalved, cylindrical case with a mouth angle of ± 80°. The case is profusely decorated with pappus hairs.


Asteraceae – Gnaphalieae, narrowly oligophagous

Antennaria dioica; Filago arvensis; Gnaphalium sylvaticum; Helichrysum arenarium.


Larvae in July-August; once full fed they leave their host plant.


Not in the Benelux

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


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Last modified 10.ii.2021