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Coleophora pseudorepentis

Coleophora pseudorepentis Toll, 1960

on Achillea

Coleophora pseudorepentis: case

case (from Baldizzone & Nel)


Larvae on the developing fruits in the inflorescence in a trivalved, light brown, 6 mm long silken case with a mouth angle of 30°. The case is entirely covered with debris from old flowers.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Achillea ? ligustica, odorata.


Cases found in October.

distribution within Europe

Parts of Central an Southern Europe (PESI, 2018).


The illustration below (copied from Baldizzone & Nel) gives a comparison of the thoracic sclerites of C. pseudorepentis (a) and those of C. argentula (b), a species whose larvae live in a comparable manner on Achillea.
Coleophora pseudorepemtis - argentula comparision


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Last modified 8.ii.2018