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Coleophora retrodentella

Coleophora retrodentella Baldizzone & Nel, 2004

on Minuartia

Coleophora retrodentella: case on Minuartia setacea

Minuartia setacea, case, from Baldizzone & Nel (2007a)


Greyish white, tubular, trivalved silken case of 5.5 mm with a mouth angle of c. 30°; the surface is finely granular. The cases are extremely difficult to find.

host plants

Caryophyllaceae, monophagous

Minuartia rostrata, setacea.

distribution within Europe

French and Italian Alps.


Coleophora dentiferella: Baldizzone & Nel (2003a) nec Toll, 1952.


Baldizzone & Nel (2003a, 2004a).

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