Coleophora striatipennella Nylander, 1848

hedge case-bearer

on Cerastium, Myosoton, Stellaria

Coleophora striatipennella: case

case (from Patzak, 1974a)


Larva in a greyish ochraceous, 6 mm long, trivalved tubular silken case with a mouth angle of 30°. The larva feeds on the seeds in the capsules.


Caryophyllaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Cerastium arvense, fontanum & subsp. vulgare, media; Myosoton aquaticum; Stellaria graminea.

Fazekas & Schreurs additionally mention Moehringia.


Larvae from July till mid-September. The larva hibernates in the case that is spun onto the neighbouring vegetation.


distribution within Europe

Most of Europe, not in the Balkan Peninsula and the Mediterranean Islands (PESI, 2018).


Coleophora apicella Stainton, 1859; C. lineolea: Suire (1961a).


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