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Coleophora strutiella

Coleophora strutiella Glaser 1975

Coleophora strutiella case

Gypsophila struthium, Spain; from Glaser (1975b)

Coleophora strutiella vacated case

Gypsophila struthium, Spain, Almería, Sorbas, old gypsum quarry; © Pete &amp Ginny Clarke

Coleophora strutiella tenanted case

tenanted case

Coleophora strutiellafeeding signs

feeding sines: the very tip of the leaves is not eaten out.


Trivalved, light yellow brown, tubular silken case of 6.5-8 mm with a mounth angle of 35°; in most specimens the valves are somewhat gaping.


Caryophyllaceae, monophagous

Gypsophila struthium.


Full grown cases were found end-May, early June.

distribution within Europe



Glaser (1975b).

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