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Coleophora supinella

Coleophora supinella Ortner 1949

on Cytisus

Coleophora supinella: youth case

youth case (from Ortner, 1949a)

Coleophora supinella: final case

final case


The larva sits on a pod and feeds on the seeds. The youth case, up to 12 mm long, is made out of a dried flower. The final case is 6.5 mm long, greyish brown, and has a mouth angle of 30ยท. Initially the case is white-whoolly, but the the hairs soon stick to the case, and almost completely disappear during the hibernation.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Cytisus austriacus, supinus.



Found in Belgium (Coenen).

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Coleophora supinella: larva

from Ortner (1949a)


Coenen (1996a), Nel (1994b), Ortner (1949a).

Last modified 7.ix.2018