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Coleophora texanella

Coleophora texanella Chambers, 1878

Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae

Colephora texanella: case

Cyprus, Nikokleia, det. Georgio Baldizzone © Ian Barton


tubular silken case. The larva feeds upon the developing seeds. It is not a leaf miner, and in fact should not be on this website; however, for a while its biology was unknown and a leaf mining habit could not be excluded.


Portulacacea, monophagous

Portulaca oleracea.

distribution within Europe

from Sicily and Italy to the Peloponnisos and Cyprus. It probably is a North-American species that has been introduced into southern Europe (the host plant is a weed).


described by Baldizzone & Nel (2009a).


Coleophora coxi Baldizzone & van der Wolf, 2007.


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