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Coleophora therinella

Coleophora therinella Tengström, 1848

black-bindweed case-bearer

on Fallopia, etc.

Coleophora therinella: case

case (from van der Wolf, 1992a).


Larva in a trivalved tubular silken case of 8-10 mm in length, with a mouth angle of ± 20°. The larva enlarges its case at the oral side by adding light-coloured silk, that becomes darker in the course of time. The larva feed upon the fruits, both the green ones and the ripe black ones, often close to the ground, hidden by the vegetation.

host plants

Polygonaceae, oligophagous

Fallopia convolvulus, dumetorum; Reynoutria japonica.

References to Carduus or Cirsium apply to Coleophora peribenanderi.


Larvae from August till September.

distribution within Europe

Practically all of Europe (PESI, 2018).


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