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Cosmopterix pulchrimella

Cosmopterix pulchrimella Chambers, 1875

pellitory cosmet

on Pilea, Parietaria

Cosmopterix pulchrimella: mines on Parietaria judaica

Parietaria judaica, Greece, Athens © Steve Wullaert

Cosmopteryx pulchrimella: occupied mine on Parietaria judaica

Parietaria judaica, Belgium, prov. West FLanders, Gent, 18.ix.2018 © Ruben Meert

Cosmopteryx pulchrimella: occupied mine on Parietaria judaica

expelled frass

Cosmopteryx pulchrimella: larva in mine on Parietaria judaica

larva in opened mine

Cosmopterix pulchrimella

Parietaria judaica, Greece, Lesbos, Mitilíni; mine with larva and pupa in some spinning in a leaf fold

Cosmopterix pulchrimella

detail from above

Cosmopterix pulchrimella

secondary mine and pupa in folded leaf margin

Cosmopterix pulchrimella

mine with pupa


Oval, whitish, ribbed egg shell generally at the underside of the leaf. The mine begins as a short irregular corridor, usually following the midrib, widening into an irregular blotch. Some silk is deposited in the mine, causing it to contract a bit. Most frass is ejected through an opening near the begin of the mine; some is trapped in spinning under the leaf. The larva often moves to a new mine. Pupation within the mine (Koster & Sinev, 2003a), in a folded leaf margin or in a leaf fold.


Urticaceae, monophagous

Parietaria judaica, officinalis, pensylvanica; Pilea pumila.


Several overlapping generations.


First observation in the Benelux in 2017 (Belgium, prov. West Flanders, Koksijde; Chris Steeman in iitt.).

distribution within Europe

Southern Europe; recently found in the UK (Fauna Europaea, 2009; Parsons, 2002a; Parsons & Sterling, 2004a).




Cosmopterix parietariae (Hering, 1931); C. turbidella: Chrétien, 1926a.


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