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Elachista gangabella larva

Elachista gangabella

Elachista gangabella larva

Brachypodium sylvaticum, Switzerland, Aeugst am Albis; leg. Sifra Corver

Elachista gangabella larva

same larva, ventral

head and thorax; last abdominal segment, dorsal

head and thorax; last abdominal segment, ventral

thorax 1, thorax 2-3, ventral

abdominal prolegs: overview and detail

head, in ventral view, to show the mandibles; muscle impression dorsally on thorax 1

See also Steuer (1973a) for details regarding the larva. The pictures above are made from a specimen stored on alcohol; according to Steuer the living larva is olive green in colour (grey during hibernation).


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