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Syncopacma karvoneni

Syncopacma karvoneni (Hackman, 1950)


Possibly similar to the mine of Aproaerema anthyllidella: small full depth mine with an appreciable amount of frass. Only the first stage lives as a miner; later stages live between two or more spun leaves, causing window feeding. Pupation in the soil.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous?

Lathyrus palustris.

The association with Lathyrus is not certain; it moreover is possible that the species lives on other, related, herbaceous Fabaceae.


Pupation between late August and mid-September.

distribution within Europe

boreo-alpine distribution: Fennoscandia, North Russia, Switzerland (Fauna Europaea, 2012).


Body pale reddish with a conspicuous brown mottling, especially around the black pinacula. Head light brown, eye patch black. Prothoracic plate brown with black spots laterally; anal plate dark brown. Feet brown. Also the chaetotaxy is extensively described by Itämies & Kyrki (1983a).


Aproaerema karvoneni.


Itämies & Kyrki (1983a), Kaitila (1996a).

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