Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Syncopacma taeniolella

Syncopacma taeniolella (Zeller, 1839)

silver-barred sober

on Lotus, etc.

Syncopacma taeniolella feeding

Lotus spec., Belgium, prov. West-Flanders, Adinkerke, Westhoek reserve © Steve Wullaert


Irregular blotchy rather small mines. Soon the larvae leave the mine, and start mining from between a few spun leaves. Mines made in this latter stage obviously do not contain frass.

host plants

Fabaceae, oligophagous

Lotus corniculatus, pedunculatus; Medicago; Trifolium.


Mining larvae in May – June (Hering, 1957a).


BE recorded (Phegea, 2009).

NE recorded (Kuchlein & de Vos, 1999a;, 2009).

LUX not recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2009).

distribution within Europe

Almost all of Europe, perhaps excluding Greece (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


larva, pupa

Pictures on Lepiforum; see also Patočka & Turčáni.


Aproaerema, Stomopteryx, taeniolella.


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