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Parapodia sinaica

Parapodia sinaica (Frauenfeld, 1859)

on Tamarix

Parapodia sinaica: galls on Tamarix

from Gerling ao.

Parapodia sinaica: gall on Tamarix gallica

Tamarix gallica, France, Camargue, Le Sambuc © Sébastien Carbonnelle

Parapodia sinaica: larva



Unilocular, rotund or fusiform swelling of a branch, containing some caterpillars. Unique for this gall is the fact that the larva lives in a space between the bark and undamaged continuous xylem cylinder. Before pupation, the larva prepares an exit opening, next spins a tube that protrudes a bit from the opening. The pupa lies in this tube, the head directed to the exit.


Tamaricaceae, monophagous

Tamarix africana, canariensis, gallica, jordanis, nilotica, tetragyna.


Parapodia tamaricola de Joannis, 1912.


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