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Gnorimoschema epithymella

Gnorimoschema epithymella (Staudinger, 1859)

Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae


There are two European subspecies: G. e. epithymella and G. e. brunneomaculellum Hackman, 1946.


Mine not described; probably a full depth blotch with little or no frass; possibly only the young larve lives as a miner.


Asteraceae, narrowly monophagous

G.e. epithymella: Aster alpinus; G. e. brunneomaculellum: Solidago virgaurea.

Reports of Aster amellus are erroneous (Huemer & Karsholt, 2010a).

distribution within Europe

G. e. epithymella: Spain; G. e. brunneomaculella: from North Russia to Pland and from Norway to South Russia (Fauna Europaea, 2010).


In the older literature often confused with Ergasiola ergasima.


In Solidago the species also lives as a borer in the basal part of the stem and in the petioles (Huemer & Karsholt, 2010a).


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