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Bucculatrix albedinella

Bucculatrix albedinella (Zeller, 1839)

elm bent-wing


Ulmus minor, Duin en Kruidberg


Winding full depth corridor of maximally 15 mm long with a proportionally long larval chamber. Black frass in a central line, broad, but leaving a clear zone at either side. Characteristically the corridor has 2-4 short, frass-free, side branches (diverticula) occurring at points where the main corridor makes a sharp turn. The first one often is interparenchymatous, difficult to see therefore; the following ones usually have at their end an opening in the under epidermis. Older larvae live free on the leave, causing window feeding; the exit hole is in the underside of the leaf (Hering, 1957a; Langmaid, Porter & Collins, 2007a).

host plants

Ulmaceae, monophagous

Ulmus minor.

Burmann (1991a) also mentions Tiliaas a host plant.


Larvae in July and September-October (Hering, 1957a).


BE observed in the prov. of Brabant, before 1980 (Phegea, 2007).

NE uncommon.

LUX observed (Fauna Europaea, 2007).

distribution within Europe

Almost all of Europe, except Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula (Fauna Europaea, 2007).


Mining larva with a black ventral spot on each abdominal segment. Free-living larva dull green above, pale yellow laterally and ventrally with some fragmented purplish subdorsal lines (Langmaid, Porter & Collins, 2007a).


Described by Patočka (1996a), Patočka & Turčáni (2005a). Pupa in an oval cocoon that, contrary to what is usual in Bucculatrix, is not ribbed lengthwise (Langmaid, Porter & Collins, 2007a).


Bucculatrix boyerella Duponchel, 1840.


Until the publication by Langmaid, Porter & Collins B. albedinella and B. ulmifoliae were taken to be synonyms in the Netherlands. An inspection the mine material of “albedinella” showed that much effectively belongs to ulmifoliae.


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