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Tinagma ocnerostomella

Tinagma ocnerostomella (Stainton, 1850)

bugloss spear-wing

on Echium

Tinagma ocnerostomella: host plant

Echium vulgare, Belgium, prov. West Flanders, Oostduinkerke, Plaatsduinen, 17.ix.2016 © Ruben Meert: habitat

Tinagma ocnerostomella: larva


Tinagma ocnerostomella: larva

larva, abdomen end

Tinagma ocnerostomella:  exuvium

Echium vulgare, België, Antwerpen 16.xii.2015 © Ruben Meert: exuvium, protruding from the stem

Tinagma ocnerostomella: cocoon

inside of the stem with cocoon and prefabricated exit opening


Oviposition ib the flower; that also is where the young larva lives. Later the larva descends as borer in the stem; there also the pupation.

host plants

Boraginaceae, monophagous

Echium vulgare.



distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Described by Patočka & Turčáni.


Tinagma ocnerostomellum.


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