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leafminers, galls and fungi

Caloptilia nobilella

Caloptilia nobilella (Klimesch, 1942)

Caloptilia nobilella: mine

from Klimesch (1942a): youth mine and leaf cone


Oviposition at underside of midrib. From here a winding, epidermal corridor, resembling a snail’s trail, runs towards the leaf margin. Here a tentiform mine is made. The leaf margin folds over the mine, that in the end is half filled with frass. The larve then leaves the mine and continues feeding within a leaf folded into a cone. Pupa in an oval, almost glassy, cocoon. Mines only in the youngest leaves, mainly in the shadow.


Lauraceae, monophagous

Laurus nobilis.


Larve in May.

distribution within Europe

Macedonia, Istria (Klimesch, 1942a).


Hering (1957a), Klimesch (1942a).


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