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Caloptilia robustella

Caloptilia robustella Jäckh, 1972

new oak slender

Caloptilia cf robustella: leaf fold

Quercus robur, Boswachterij Nunspeet © Hans Jonkman: identification based on the date: September 21

Caloptilia cf rbustella: free living larva



Mine indistinguishable from the one of C. alchimiella.

host plants

Fagaceae, oligophagous

Fagus sylvatica; Quercus robur.

According to Biesenbaum (2010a) also Castanea sativa.


Occupied mines in May, then again in August; free living larvae until June, then September – October (Emmet ao, 1985a).


BE recorded (Phegea, 2010).
NE recorded (Kuchlein & de Vos, 1999a;, 2010).
LUX recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2010).

distribution within Europe

Europe, except the Balkan Peninsula (Fauna Europaea, 2010).


See Patočka & Zach (1995a) and Patočka & Turčáni (2005a) for differences with C. alchimiella.


Only pupae and adults always enable a certain identification. But mining larvae in May certainly are robustella. Moreover, according to Patočka & Zach (1995a) does alchimiella pupate in a white cocoon, robustella in a yellow-white one.
Seems more than alchimiella to be a species of xerothermic habitats (Kasy, 1979a).


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