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Caloptilia staintoni

Caloptilia staintoni (Wollaston, 1858)

on Lauraceae

Caloptilia staintoni mine on Laurus novocanariensis

Laurus novocanariensis, Tenerife; from Klimesch (1979a)

cf Caloptilia staintoni: mine on Ocotea foetens

Ocotea foetens, Madeira, Funchal, Botanical garden © Bas Drost (identification not confirmed by breeding)


A lower-surface, epidermal corridor, reminding of a snail’s trail, that in the end widens into a full depth tentiform mine, where the frass is loosely dispersed. De older larva lives free in a leaf cone. Mines only on the very youngest leaves. Pupation in a shining yellow cocoon.


Lauraceae, oligophagous

Apollonias barbujana; Laurus novocanariensis; Persea americana, indica.

Given the spectrum of hostplants known so far also to be expected on the rare Ocotea foetens.

distribution within Europe

(Fauna Europaea, 2009).


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Last modified 6.iii.2018