Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Caloptilia stigmatella

Caloptilia stigmatella (Fabricius, 1781)

Caloptilia stigmatella on Salix spec.: leaf roll

Salix spec., Russia, Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevsky district, station Nerskaya, 27.vii.2013 © Andrey Ponomarev: leaf roll

Caloptilia stigmatella on Salix spec.: cocoon


Caloptilia stigmatella on Salix spec.; exuvium


Caloptilia stigmatella on Salix spec.: imago


Caloptilia stigmatella on Salix spec.: larva

Salix spec., Russia, Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevsky district, dorp Topoliniy, 1.viii.2013 © Andrey Ponomarev: larva

Caloptilia stigmatella mine

Salix cinerea, Nieuwendam, 28.vii.2003

Caloptilia stigmatella mines

Salix viminalis, Brummen, 11.x.2007: leaf rolls


The mine begins with an unusually long lower-surface epidermal corridor that often follows the midrib for some distance, but finally turns towards the leaf margin, where a small blotch is made of up to 1 cm in diameter. The blotch initially is fully epidermal, but later the larva starts consuming parenchyma, silk is deposited, and the blotch begins to develop into a somewhat contracted tentiform mine. In the end the mine is vacated and the larve continues living freely under a leaf fold that has been fixed with silk (in poplar), or in a leaf tip that has been turned into a cone (in Salix). Pupation in a shiny cocoon at the underside of the leaf.

host plants

(Betulaceae, Myricaceae), Salicaceae; almost oligophagous

Myrica gale; Populus alba, balsamifera, canescens, nigra, tremula; Salix alba, aurita, babylonica, cinerea, elaeagnos, x fragilis, glaucosericea, gmelinii, lanata, magnifica, myrsinifolia, pentandra, purpurea, repens, salviifolia, sitchensis, spadicea, triandra, udensis, viminalis.

In Britain rarely also on Betula (Emmet ao, 1985a).


Larvae from June till September.


BE recorded (Phegea, 2010).
NE recorded (Kuchlein & de Vos, 1999a;, 2010).
LUX recorded (Fauna Europaea, 2010).

distribution within Europe

All Europe, except the Balkan Peninsula (Fauna Europaea, 2010).



parasitoids, predators

Dimmockia brevicornis.


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