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Phyllonorycter anderidae pupa

Phyllonorycter anderidae

Phyllonorycter anderidae cremaster

Betula pubescens, cremaster; Britain, Fleet; coll. Rob Edmunds

Phyllonorycter anderidae: exuvium

Betula pubescens, Belgium, prov. Antwerp © Carina Van Steenwinkel: exuvium

Phyllonorycter anderidae: exuvium

terminal abdominal segments, ventral

Phyllonorycter anderidae: cremaster


The pupa differs from the one of Ph. ulmifoliella by the absence of a group of some six outwards pointing spines ventrally at abdomen 7 (Gregor & Patočka, 2001a). Cremaster with two pairs of spines, the inner pair the smallest. See also the description of larva and pupa by Bachmaier (1965a).


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