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Phyllonorycter bartolomella

Phyllonorycter bartolomella (Deschka, 1968)

Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae

Phyllonorycter bartolomella mine

Teline canariensis (?), Gran Canaria; from Klimesch (1979a)


The mine begins epidermally, and develops into an upper-surface, whitish and transparant tentiform mine without folds, that generaly does not involve the base and tip of the leaflet. The mine causes the leaflet the contact boat-like. Pupation within the mine, either in the base or in the tip of the leaflet.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Genista canariensis (?).

The host plant is indicated as Cytisus candicans. According to Hohenester & Wells 1993 (Exkursionsflora für die Kanarische Inseln)and the Euro+Med PlantBase (2017) this is a synonym of Teline monspessulana, a Madeiran species of which the occurrence on the Canary Islands (and then only Teneriffa) is doubtful. Probably the observations are done on the common Teline canariensis, that does occur on Gran Canaria, and on the altitude indicated, viz. 1000-1200 m.


Occupied mines observed mid-May.

distribution within Europe

Canary Islands.


Illustrated by Deschka (1969b).


Deschka (1969b), Klimesch (1979a).


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