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Phyllonorycter cerasicolella

Phyllonorycter cerasicolella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)

cherry midget


Lower-surface tentiform mine, usually between two side veins, without clear folds (Triberti, 2007a).

host plants

On a variety of cultivated Prunus species; in the wild on Prunus cerasifera, fruticosa, mahaleb; rarely P. spinosa. Where Malus species grow in proximity of cultivated Prunus, mines may occur also on Apple (Tribert, 2007a).


In the UK in two generations, perhaps three in Belgium (Chris Snyers, in litt.). The larva hibernates in the mine and pupates only in spring (Emmet, Watkinson & Wilson, 1985a).


Based on observations of mines on Prunus avium and cerasus at a number of localities in the Netherlands (Noctua, 2007) it may be assumed that the species is present at least in the Netherlands.

distribution within Europe

Entire Europe except the north of Scandinavia (Triberti, 2007a).


Extensively described by Cravedi (1992a).


Margins of frontal appendage straight. Rear margin of cremaster straight to convex (Triberti, 2007a).


Lithocolletis domesticella Sorhagen, 1900; Phyllonorycter persicella (Steudel, 1882); Ph. mahalebella (Mühlig, 1863).


Until the revision by Triberti (2007a) the distinction between P. cerasicolella and spinicolella was quite unclear. Several authors, including the ones responsible for the relevant part of the Fauna Europaea (2007) considered the two synonym.


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