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Phyllonorycter cydoniella

Phyllonorycter cydoniella (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)

Phyllonorycter cydoniella mine

Malus domestica, Duin en Kruidberg – identification with much reservation!

Phyllonorycter cydoniella mine



Elongated, lower surface, tentiform mine with one strong fold in the lower epidermis. Pupa in a white cocoon, in which no frass in incorporated; all frass in a clump in the mine. Before ecdysis the pupa works itself out of the mine through the floor in the mine.

host plants

Rosaceae, oligophagous

Chaenomeles; Sorbus domestica, torminalis.

Reports from other hostplants (Amelanchier ovalis, spicata; Cydonia oblonga; Malus domestica, sylvestris; Prunus; Pyrus communis) may possibly be the result of confusion with other species (Ph. anceps, hostis, mespilella, sorbi) (Triberti, 2007a).


Larvae in June – July and September – October (Emmet, Watkinson & Wilson, 1985a), but see the note below.


Not known with certainty from the Benelux counties; all material from the Netherlands in collections proved to be Ph. mespilella te behoren (Huisman & Koster, 1998a; Triberti, 2007a).

distribution within Europe

Unambiguously identified material comes from Germany, Austria, Czechia, Italy, and Greece (Triberti, 2007a).

pupa (cf!)


Lithocolletis cydoniella.

parasitoids, predators

Achrysocharoides atys; Sympiesis sericeicornis.


From the revision by Triberi (2007a) of the Phyllonorycter‘s living on Rosaceae it appears that this species in particular had been confused with many other species in the past. Unfortunately, Triberti’s descriptions of mines and pupae are rather brief; for a certain identification breeding adult specimens therefore cannot be avoided.


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