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Phyllonorycter joannisi pupa

Phyllonorycter joannisi pupa

Acer platanoides, Reusel (exuvium): thorax

Phyllonorycter joannisi pupa


Phyllonorycter joannisi pupa

cremaster, dorsal

Phyllonorycter joannisi crenaster

Acer platanoides, Nieuwendam, cremaster dorsal

The pupa is described by Gregor & Patočka (2001a) and Patočka & Turčáni (2005a).

Hetty Soetekouw found a Phyllonorycter mine, containing a pupa, on
Acer cappadocicum. On the base of the argumentation below this has been identified as joannisi.

Phyllonorycter joannisi cremasterPhyllonorycter joannisi pupa, detail

Acer capadocicum, Amersfoort: cremaster ventral and detail of the pupa

The rear margin of the cremaster, seen from below, is strait or more or less indented. The space between metanotum and abd-1 near the base of the hind wing (picture) is broadly triangular (both contra Ph. geniculella). The chitin fold that protrudes into this space from the base of the hind wing is but weak (contra Ph. acerifoliella); cf. Gregor & Patočka (2001a).

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