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Phyllonorycter lantanella

Phyllonorycter lantanella (Schrank, 1802)

viburnum midget

on Viburnum

Phyllonorycter lantanella: mines on Viburnum opulus

Viburnum opulus, southern Poland, Kąpiołki © Tomasz Jaworski

Phyllonorycter lantanella: mines on Viburnum opulus


Phyllonorycter lantanella: mine on Viburnum tinus

Viburnum tinus, France, Corsica, Monticello, Parc de Saleccia © Stéphane Claerebout

Phyllonorycter lantanella: mine on Viburnum tinus

underside; it looks as it the mine has been vacated through the upper side!

Phyllonorycter lantanella: mine on Viburnum cotinifolium

Viburnum cotinifolium, Hungary, Budapest, arboretum, 27.ix.2019 © László Érsek: first observation on this host plant; atypical (upper surface) mine

Phyllonorycter lantanella: mine on Viburnum cotinifolium


Phyllonorycter lantanella: larva

opened mine

Phyllonorycter lantanella: larva

larva, dorsal view

Phyllonorycter lantanella: larva

larva, lateral view

Phyllonorycter lantanella: larva

head and thorax, ventral view


Lower-surface tentiform mine, white at first, later brown, between two side veins. Pupa without a recognisable cocoon in the mine. Before ecdysis the pupa works itself halfway out of the upperside of the mine.

host plants

Adoxaceae, monophagous

Viburnum cotinifolium, lantana, opulus, rhytidophyllum, tinus.

In western Europe only rarely on V. opulus; the occurrence on Sorbus aucuparia probably is a case of xenophagy.


Larvae in July and (hibernating) September – April (Emmet ao, 1985a).


BE recorded (Phegea, 2010).

NE recorded (Kuchlein & de Vos, 1999a;, 2010).

LUX recorded (Ellis, Ahn)

distribution within Europe

Europe, with exception of Scandinavia, Ireland, and the Balkan Peninsula (Fauna Europaea, 2010).



Lithocolletis lantanella; L. elatella Zeller, 1846.

parasitoids, predators

Sympiesis ? sericeicornis.


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