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Phyllonorycter strigulatella pupa

Phyllonorycter strigulatella

Alnus incana, Pietersberg; thorax (note the pair of pits at the rear margin of the metanotum) and the dorsal spinulation of the abdomen

the group of spines ventrally on abdomen 7.

Alnus incana; cremaster of a specimen from southern England (coll. Rob Edmunds)

Alnus incana, Pietersberg; in both instances the inner pair of spines almost have the size typical for Ph. rajella. Because the mine, with many fine folds agrees with strigulatella the materal has been taken for that species (zie ook Gregor & Patočka, 2001a).

Alnus incana, Tilburg, Kaaistoep; cremaster, abd-7 ventral: not only the cremaster, but also the spines on abd-7 form a transition to rajella.

Only the pit on the metathorax places this material in strigulatella.

Alnus incana, Rhenen

Both meso- and metanotum with a pit at their rear margin. Cremaster with two pairs of spines; the outer pair is heavy, the inner pair is reduced to a variable degree (Gregor & Patočka (2001a; Patočka & Turčáni, 2005a).


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