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Phyllonorycter trojana

Phyllonorycter trojana Deschka, 1982

Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae

Phyllonorycter trojana mine

Quercus trojana; from A & Z Laštuvka (2007a)


Small lower-surface tentiform mine with one strong fold; 9-20 mm lang. The roof is mostly completely eaten out. Cocoon in the mine; frass lies around it in horse-shoe shape.


Fagceae, narrowly monophagous

Quercus trojana.


Larvae mine in autumn, perhaps also in winter.

distribution within Europe

Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece.


Tergites of abd. 2-4 with a pair of strong, outwards pointing spines. Retinaculum with two pairs of thorns. The inner pair is triangular, directed rearwards, and medially fused. The outer pair is much longer, slender, and bent outwards. Some details of the pupa remind of Ph. quercifoliella.


Deschka (1982a), A & Z Laštuvka (2007a).


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