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Phyllocnistis ramulicola

Phyllocnistis ramulicola Langmaid & Corley, 2007

new sallow bent-wing

on Salix

Phyllocnistis ramulicola: mine on Salix caprea

Salix caprea, Frankrijk, dép. Saône-et-Loire, Le Creusot, vii.2020 © Jean Béguinot

Phyllocnistis ramulicola: mine on Salix caprea

vacated mines with exuvia


Oviposition on a young twig. From there a long corridor is made in the bark, up to 30 cm in length, running up or down, hardly widening. Finally the corridor enters a petiole and a leaf where, close to the base, at the upper side, a white cocoon is spun in which pupation takes place (Langmaid & Corley, 2007a).

host plants

Salicaceae, monophagous

Salix aurita, cinerea, caprea, euxina, x fragilis, melanopsis, pentandra, purpurea, triandra, viminalis.


Still unclear; larvae were found in mid July.

distribution within Europe

Described from southern England and Portugal, later found in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Czechia.




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