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Bedellia silvicolella

Bedellia silvicolella Klimesch, 1968

on Convolvulus

Bedellia silvicolella mines

Convolvulus floridus, Teneriffa; from Klimesch (1979a)


Oviposition at the leaf lower surface, near a vein. At first a slender gallery is made, with a thick, central frass line that sometimes occupies the entire width. After the first moult the larva makes gradually larger, brownish, full depth fleck mines, often in different leaves. The entrance to the mines always is at the lower surface. During movements, and before entering into a leaf a loose web is made, where frass grains use to be trapped.


Convolvulaceae, monophagous

Convolvulus canariensis, floridus.


Larvae in February.

distribution within Europe

Canary Islands, Teneriffa (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Described by Klimesch (1968a). striking is a subdorsal, very high papilla on the metathorax, that bears a seta on its tip.


See Klimesch (1968a).


Klimesch (1968a, 1979a).

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