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Acrolepiopsis tauricella

Acrolepiopsis tauricella (Staudinger, 1870)

Lepidoptera, Glyphipterigidae


The young larva makes one or two tiny full depth blotch mines from which almost all frass is ejected though an opening in a corner. When the larva is c. 5 mm it starts living freely under the leaf (for some time still returning to the mine during feeding pauses) and causes window feeding or, when the leaf is thinner, skeleton feeding. Often so many mines in a leaf that it seems perforated.


Dioscoreaceae; monophagous

Dioscorea communis.

distribution within Europe

Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Head and pale yellowish green, thoracic feet greyish brown, pinacula black.


Light brown to blackish; pupation in reticulate brownish cocoon.


Acrolepia karolyii Szőcs, 1969a.


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