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Glyphipterix loricatella

Glyphipterix loricatella (Treitscke, 1833)

on Iris

Glyphipterix loricatella: mine on Iris x germanica

Iris x germanica © Attila Takács (from Takács & Szabóky)


Eggs are deposited solitary on a leaf. The young larva makes an irregular gallery mine dat descends to the rhizome. Here much whitish frass is produced that is extruded above ground. The larva hibernates in the rhizome, then pupates in the soil in a cocoon made of soil particles.

host plants

Iridaceae, monophagous

Iris x germanica, pumila.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


White, head black.


Takács & Szabóky (2018a).

Last modified 28.vii.2019