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Leucoptera coronillae

Leucoptera coronillae (Hering, 1933)

Leucoptera coronillae mines

Cytisophyllum sessilifolius, France, Alpes Maritimes, Sospel; leg E van Nieukerken & C Doorenweerd, © EvN

Leucoptera coronillae mines

two more mines

Leucoptera coronillae mines

Cytisophyllum sessilifolius, Spain; blotch mines of Leucoptera coronillae and two tentiform mines of Phyllonorycter phyllocytisi; from Hering (1936b)

Leucoptera coronillae mine

Cytisophyllum sessilifolius, Italy, from Hering (1933b)


The mine commences as a violet spot somewhere in the centre of the leaf. Around this point a blotch mine developes with much frass in concentric arcs. Pupation external.


Fabaceae, oligophagous

Cytisophyllum sessilifolium; Cytisus villosus.

In the original description erroneously Coronilla emerus was mentioned as hostplant.


Larvae from June till late in October (Erik van Nieukerken, in litt.).

distribution within Europe

Southern France, Spain, Sardinia, Italy (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Described by Grandi (1933a); the adults bred from this material formed the base for Hering’s description of the species.


Cemiostoma coronillae; Leucoptera phyllocytisi (Hering, 1936).


Grandi (1933a), Hering (1933b,d, 1936b, 1957a), Klimesch (1950c), Mey (1994a).

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