Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi



ermine moths

A family with about 100 species in Europe (Parenti, 2000a), including the well known Spindle Ermine. Relatively few species live as miners, and most of these only as very young larvae. The English species are treated by Agassiz (1993a), the fauna of eastern Europe by Gershenzon (1990a).

In the classification that is applied here, following the Fauna Europaea (2014), the genus Argyresthia is included in the Yponometidae. Other authors place this genus in a family of its own, the Argyresthiidae (Gershenzon, 19990b; Gershenzon & Ulenberg, 1998a). At the other hand, Orthotelia has been moved from the Yponomeutidae to the Glyphipterigidae.


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Last modified 23.xi.2017