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Argyresthia illuminatella

Argyresthia illuminatella Zeller, 1839

glossy argent

on Larix


De larva makes a wide cavity in a short lateral shoot (“brachyblast”), sometimes even down to into the main shoot. The needles on the short shoot die off, and no new needles are formed. Pupation and hibernation in the gall.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Larix decidua.

The many references in the literature to Abies alba probably derive all from confusion with Argyresthia kulfani. See Bengtsson & Johansson (2012a) or Lepiforum.


Larva and pupa are described in detail by Baraniak ao; see also “Argyresthia spec.” in Patočka (1998a).


Blastotere illuminatella; Argyresthia tatrica Baraniak, Kulfan & Patočka, 2003; ? A. uralensis Baraniak & Junnilainen. 2011.


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