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Argyresthia retinella

Argyresthia retinella Zeller, 1839

netted argent

on Betula


Eggs are deposited on/under lichens on the branches. Freshly hatched, bright yellow larve bore into a bud (if the do not perish in the sticky resin the covers the buds). Older larvae also bore in the pith of the shoot and in petioles. A larva destroys several buds or shoots. Pupation in a light cocoon in the leaf litter on the ground.

host plants

Betulaceae, monophagous

Betula pubescens.

References to Quercus, Salix caprea need further confirmation.


Univoltine; hibernation the arctic North in the egg stage, more to the south as larva (Elverum ao).

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Full grown, 6 mm long larvae almost white with a light brown head; pictures in Schmid.


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