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Argyresthia svenssoni

Argyresthia svenssoni Bengtsson & Johansson, 2012

on Picea


The larva initially bores into a bud near the tip of a shoot, next lives as a borer in the pith. After hibernation it continues feeding, then in May prepares an exit opening at the underside of the shoot. The pupa rests in the shoot. The affected part of the shoot drops its needles.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Picea abies.


Univoltine; adults in June.

distribution within Europe

Throughout the natural distribution area of the host plant.


Both in appearance of the imago and in biologie the species closely resembles A. glabratella. In contrast to that species the exit opening is located close to the tip of the shoot; glabratella feeds over a longer trajectory (2-3 cm).


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Last modified 6.ii.2021