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Heringocrania unimaculella larva

Heringocrania unimaculella

Heringocrania unimaculella larva

Betula, Vennebroek © Kees Boele

Heringocrania unimaculella: larva, dorsal view

Betula, Belgium, prov. Hainaut, Mouscron, Kleiputten van de Sterreberg © Christophe Gruwier

18223 dorsal18223 ventral

Betula pendula, Hollandsche Rading: head and pronotum, dorsally and ventrally

Heringocrania unimaculella larva

Betula pendula, Castricum; head and thorax, dorsal

Heringocrania unimaculella larva


Heringocrania unimaculella: larva

Betula pendula, Denmark © Simon Haarder: larva in the mine, with exuvium

Heringocrania unimaculella

the larva, dissected out

The frontal part of the head capsule is moderately chitinised, brown; the rear lateral extensions however, are strongly sclerotised. Because the head for its largest part normally is retracted into the semitransparant prothorax, this gives the impression of a pair of vague black pronotal spots. Abdomen segment 1 has a pair of short lateral extensions (Hering, 1957a). Often they are hardly visible.

Like the lower two pictures prove, the young larva has dark spots ventrally on the thorax and first abdominal segment, like it is the case in Eriocrania semipurpurella.


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