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Aspilanta oinophylla

Aspilanta oinophylla van Nieukerken & Wagner, 2012

Antispila oinophylla: mines on Vitis vinifera

Vitis vinifera, Italy, Borgo Valsusano: light infestation; uit Nieukerken ea (2012a)

Antispila oinophylla: mines

mines in detail

Antispila oinophylla mine on Vitis vulpina

Vitis vulpina, USA: mine in a shadow leaf; from van Nieukerken ao (2012a)


The egg is inserted in the underside of the leaf, usually close to a vein. Here begins a short, not widening corridor the usually follows the vein for some distance. Soon it turns away from the vein and abruptly widens into a full depth blotch, usually hardly one square cm in size. Eventually an oval excision is made of 3.2-4 mm in length. In the corridor the blackish brown frass generally forms a broad central line; in the blotch most of it is concentrated in the oldest part, often, especially in thin (shadow) leaves, in concentric arcs.


Vitaceae, oligophagous

Parthenocissus quinquefolia; Vitis aestivalis, labrusca, riparia, vinifera, vulpina.


Two generations; hibernation als mature larva in the case, attached to the plant.


Not known from the Benelux countries.

distribution within Europe

North American species, introduced into Italy and a pest species there.


Antispila oinophylla.


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