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Coptodisca juglandiella

Coptodisca juglandiella (Chambers, 1874)

on Juglans


Full-depth, 5 x 7 mm large roundish blotch. Mostly several in a leaf, each one in the angle between the midrib and a strong lateral vein. Frass in a clump in an angle of the mine, largely hidden by a flap of uneaten palissade-parenchyma. The full grown larva makes a case out of an oval excision at the edge of the mine, then descends in the tree to pupatate elsewhere.

host plants

Juglandaceae, monophagous

Juglans cinerea, major, nigra.

distribution within Europe

North American species, recorded in Hungary.


Head and first two thoracic segments yellow, remaining body off-white.


Takács, Szabóky, Tóth, ao (2020a).

Last modified 17.iv.2020