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leafminers, galls and fungi

Simacauda dicommatias

Simacauda dicommatias (Meyrick, 1931)

on Luma


Oviposition in the underside of a young leaf. Mine a long, very narrow, fras-filled gallery, that freely meanders through the leaf, also crossing the midrib. The gallery abruptly terminates in a small, irregular blotch, usually on the edge of a leaf and often at or near the tip. The blotch is excised and made into a case. Feeding and moving from this case the larva in Coleophora-style creates irregular fleck mines. During its lifetime the larva makes three cases, the new one overlapping the older one. Pupation in the third case, attached to the underside of a leaf.

host plants

Myrtaceae, monophagous

Luma apiculata.

distribution within Europe

UK (Cornwall).

egg, larva, pupa

see Heckford ao.


Heckford, Beavan & Lees (2022a).

Last modified 13.ii.2023