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Acalyptris limonii

Acalyptris limonii Z & A Laštuvka,1998

Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae

Acalyptris limonii mines

Limonium vulgare, Greece; from Z & A Laštuvka (1998a)

Limonium sp.; A. limonii or maritima, Greece; from van Nieukerken (2007a)


Egg on either side of leaf. Mine a gallery throughout, starting much contorted, often spirally, later full-depth with narrow broken frass, running more straight through leaf. Pupation external, exit slit in upper epidermis. Pupa in a white cocoon, mostly spun against a vein at the underside of the leaf.


Plumbaginaceae, monophagous

Limonium vulgare.


Larvae observed in mid-June.

distribution within Europe

Greece, Croatia; coasts of Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas.


Z & A Laštuvka (1998a), van Nieukerken (2007a).


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