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Ectoedemia rosae

Ectoedemia rosae van Nieukerken & Berggren, 2011

Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae

Ectoedemia rosae: mine on Rosa tomentosa

em>Rosa tomentosa, France, Hautes Alpes, Vallée de la Clarée, Bois de Boulogne; from van Nieukerken & Berggren (2011a).

Ectoedemia rosae: mine on Rosa tomentosa

another mine

Ectoedemia rosae: young mine on Rosa tomentosa

young mine


Egg at the underside of the leaf. From there runs a strongly contorted, narrow, under-surface corridor that suddenly widens into a relatively large, full depth blotch. Frass in the gallery in a thick, interrupted brown to black line; darker, and more dispersed in the blotch. Pupation external in a cocoon (lower right picture); exit slit upper-surface.


Rosaceae, monophagous

Rosa tomentosa, cf majalis.


Univoltine; larvae were collected in mid-August.

distribution within Europe

French Alps and Norway: boreo-alpine disjunct distribution.


Very pale greenish white, head light brown, ventral ganglia inconspicuous, young larvae without ventral plates. Like is the rule in Ectoedemia, the larva lies venter-upwards in the mine.


van Nieukerken & Berggren (2011a).


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