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Ectoedemia suberis

Ectoedemia suberis (Stainton, 1869)

Ectoedemia suberis mine

Quercus coccifera, Greece, Rhodes; from Klimesch (19789b)


Egg at the upperside of the leaf. The mine is a narrow corridor, filled with frass, that abruptly widens into a large, oval, upper-surface blotch with frass concentrated in its basal part and along the sides.

host plants

Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus coccifera, ilex, rotundifolia, suber.

Next to these evergreen oaks possibly also on the semi-evergreen Q. faginea.


The larvae are active in winter, from about January till March; after having left the mine they aestivate as larva or pupa in a cocoon.

distribution within Europe

Southern France, Iberia, Corsica, Sardinia (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Dirty green, with conspicuous brown ganglia; ventral plates absent.


Nepticula, Stigmella suberis; Nepticula, Stigmella viridella Mendes, 1910.


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