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Etainia albibimaculella

Etainia albibimaculella (Larsen, 1927)

Etainia albimaculella mine

mine (from Johansson ao)


The larva makes a slender gallery in a leaf that enters the petiole, from where it enters a bud. The larva hibernates in the bud, that is eaten out in spring. Then the larva bores in a young shoot, sometimes making an excursion into a leaf that then is completely mined out. Pupation in a dark yellow cocoon in the mine.

host plants

Ericaceae, monophagous

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi.


Larvae from September till May ? (Johansson ao, 1990a).

distribution within Europe

From Fennoscandia to Italy (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Pale yellow, head pale brown.


Ectoedemia albibimaculella.


Possibly many larvae will never arrive at mining a leaf (Johansson ea, 1990).


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