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Fomoria empetrifolii

Fomoria empetrifolii A & Z Laštůvka 2000

Fomoria empetrifolii mines

Hypericum empetrifolium, Greece; from A & Z Laštuvka (2000b)


Narrow corridor, generally along the leaf margin, widening into a blotch that occupies almost the complete leaf. The frass is concentrated in the basal part of the blotch. Mines are very inconspicuous, moreover, mined leaves are quickly shed. Pupation within the mine.


Hypericaceae, narrowly monophagous

Hypericum empetrifolium.


Mines have been found in the second half of June – early July, but probably there are more generations.

distribution within Europe

Greece (Peloponnisos)


Ectoedemia empetrifolii.


Laštůvka & Laštůvka (2000b), van Nieukerken, Doorenweerd, Hoare & Davis (2016a).

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