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Glaucolepis saturejae

Glaucolepis saturejae (Parenti, 1963)


Long, slender gallery with a narrow central frass line. Usually the mine begins at the underside of a leaf (and is lower-surface then, and completely invisible from above), then descends along the petiole to the rind of the stem. Here a long gallery is made, either ascending or descending. Sometimes the mine is limited to the stem. Pupation external.


Lamiaceae, oligophagous

Clinopodium menthifolium, nepeta & subsp. glandulosum; Micromeria.

Buhr (1940a) mentions the species Mentha rotundifolia; this still awaits confirmation (van Nieukerken ao, 2006a).


Larvae from July to September (A & Z Laštuvka, 1997a).

distribution within Europe

Mediterranean Region from Iberia to Greece.


Lemon yellow, head light brown.


Trifurcula saturejae.


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