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Muhabbetana nigrifasciata

Muhabbetana nigrifasciata (Walsingham, 1908)

Muhabbetana nigrifasciata mine

Periploca laevigata, Tenerife; from Klimesch (1977a)


The larva initially lives in an oval gall, c. 3 mm long, in the underside of the leaf, bordering the midrib. Only towards the end of its development it makes an elliptic, upper-surface blotch of about 5 m long is made, starting from the gall. Often several mines in a gall. Pupation external.


Apocynaceae, monophagous

Periploca laevigata.

distribution within Europe

Canary Islands (Fauna Europaea, 2009).


Light yellow with dark brown head.


Ectoedemia, Trifurcula, Fomoria, nigrifasciata.


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