Plant Parasites of Europe

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Parafomoria ladaniphila

Parafomoria ladaniphila (Mendes, 1910)


Oviposition at the leaf upper side. Mine starts as a short, very narrow, almost invisible gallery, soon becoming a full depth circular blotch, in which the frass is concentrated in a circular spot in the centre, adhering to upper epidermis. The larva often hides beneath the aggregation of frass. The leaf swells in the position of the mine, forming a blister on the leaf underside. Puptation outside the mine; exit-slit on leaf-upperside (van Nieukerken, 1985b).

host plants

Cistaceae, monophagous

Cistus ladanifer, laurifolius.


Larvae have been observed in February and March.


Not known from the Benelux countries (Fauna Europaea, 2009).

distribution within Europe

Portugal, southern Spain (van Nieukerken, 1983b, 1985b).


Yellowish, lying venter upwards in the mine. Meso- and metathorax with 10 pairs of setae.


Stigmella ladaniphila.


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