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Stigmella aceris

Stigmella aceris (Frey, 1857)

scarce maple pigmy

Stigmella aceris mine

Acer campestre, Wellerlooi


Acer campestre, Erlecom



Stigmella aceris: vacated mine on Acer platanoides

Acer platanoides, Belgium, Liège, Coteaux de la Citadelle © Jean-Yves Baugnée

Stigmella aceris: vacated mine on Acer cappadocicum

Acer cappadocicum, Belgium, prov Namur, Nismes, parc communal © Stéphane Claerebout; det Erik van Nieukerken

Stigmella aceris: vacated mine on Acer cappadocicum

mine, lighted from behind


A narrow corridor. The coiled frass is greenish (blackish brown in old or dried mines). Generally the entire width of the corridor is filled up, making the mine rather inconspicuous. The sides of the corridor are not straight, rather irregularly outdented.

host plants

Sapindaceae, narrowly monophagous

Acer campestre, cappadocicum, platanoides, saccharum, tataricum & subp. ginnala.

Not on A. pseudoplatanus!


Occupied mines from late June till September.


BE recorded (van Nieukerken ao, 2006a; Kuchlein ao, 2006a).

NE recorded (van Nieukerken ao, 2006a; Kuchlein ao, 2006a).

LUX recorded (Ellis: Ahn, Flaxweiler).

distribution within Europe

Almost entire Europe (Fauna Europaea, 2008).


Bright green; see Gustafsson & van Nieukerken (1990a) and Schoorl ao (1985a) for an extensive description.


Nepticula aceris.


Recently occurring in the southern and eastern part of the Netherlands and adjacent parts of Germany; also found lately in southern Belgium (van Nieukerken ao, 2006a; Kuchlein ao, 2006a). Also in the southern part of the UK the species has become quickly more abundant (Rob Edmunds, 2006 in litt.).


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